Sunday, 18 November 2012

Adult Diapers

Incon-trol Adult Diapers

Specifications :

Double Layer Absorbent Core

Specially designed core with higher concentration of Super Absorbent Gel and Fluff at the core center to enhance dryness and comfort.

Refastenable Tape

Good for multiple times of tape applications, easily adjustable for better fit.

Frontal Tape

Allow easy adjustment and refastening of diaper.

High Speed Channels

This linked-channels design allows even distribution of fluid in the absorbent pad. Maximizes absorbency throughout the whole diaper.

Wetness Indicator

Indicator pattern will fade away when the absorbing core gets wet. It avoids the need to unfasten and check the diaper and provides convenience for nursing.

Antibacterial Agent + Odor Control

The Antibacterial Agent is incorporated into the gel to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Hence it helps to reduce skin irritation and any unpleasant odor. Bacteria cause the breakdown of urine into ammonia which is smelly. Since bacteria growth is inhibited, this effectively helps to reduce the unpleasant odor.

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